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1、其实一个人挺好的。没有顾虑没有牵绊无非是孤单了一点。 In fact, a person is very good. No worries, no obstacles, just a little lonely. 2、有时候我满怀期待,得到的只是冷言冷语。 Sometimes I'm full of expectation, and all I get is cold words. 3、我想告诉你,我一直在减肥,只是没有瘦而已。 I want to tell you, I've been losing weight, but I'm not. 4、如果遗忘就是幸福、那么我宁愿一辈子这样伤痛下去。 If forgetting is happiness, then I would rather go on with such pain all my life. 5、遇你在春,熟在夏,疏在秋,别在冬。 Meet you in spring, ripe in summer, sparse in autumn, not in winter. 6、改变了自己的思想就改变了自己的环境。 If you change your mind, you change your environment. 7、最浅薄的关系就是你一个错误,便让他忘记了你所有的好。 The shallowest relationship is that if you make a mistake, he will forget all your good things. 8、不是所有单身,都代表是可撩状态。 Not all singles are tantalizing. 9、有时和别人暧昧,只是不想自己在失去你的痛苦中度过。 Sometimes and others ambiguous, just don't want to lose you in the pain. 10、如果有那么多如果,又哪来那么多是非对错。 If there are so many ifs, how can there be so many right and wrong. 11、毫无经验的初恋是迷人的,但经得起考验的爱情是无价的。 First love without experience is charming, but love that can stand the test is priceless. 12、面对那些嘴贱的人,要么就不理,要么就大胆还击。 In the face of those cheap people, either ignore, or dare to fight back. 13、分手因为我们不合适,我是地狱的恶魔,你是天堂天使。 Break up because we are not suitable, I am the devil of hell, you are the angel of heaven. 14、可不可以别放情歌,那声音听着好寂寞。 Can not play love songs, that sounds lonely. 15、只要用力呼吸,就能看到奇迹。 As long as you breathe hard, you can see the miracle. 16、沉醉请恕我无罪,散退我心里的失落。 Please forgive me if I am intoxicated, and let go of the loss in my heart. 17、爱了,就大胆的爱,大胆的接受这所发生的一切。 Love, bold love, bold to accept what happened. 18、别想的太多,都是手机不离身的人,要回复你,早回复了。 Don't think too much about it. It's all people who keep their mobile phones. I have to reply to you. 19、除了爱你…我想不出能使我继续活著的理由。 Besides loving you I can't think of a reason to keep me alive. 20、用笔记下了我们的曾经,却谱写不出我们的未来。 With notes of our past, but can not write our future. 21、不要太迷恋有钱的男人,对你好的男人才是最重要的。 Don't be too infatuated with the rich man, the man who is good to you is the most important. 22、我成了寂寞的影子,连回忆都与我一起在远逝。 I became a lonely shadow, even memories are with me in the distant. 23、失望积累太多,渐渐形成绝望。 Disappointment accumulates too much and gradually forms despair. 24、做个迷人的混蛋,温柔且目中无人。 Be a charming jerk, gentle and defiant. 25、你的离开让我学会了坚强,却总学不会遗忘。 Your leave let me learn to be strong, but never forget. 26、当你喜欢上某个人的时候,总会觉得的自己不够好。 When you like someone, you always feel that you are not good enough. 27、既然注定是过客,当初的邂逅,请当作误会一场。 Since destined to be a passer-by, the original encounter, please as a misunderstanding. 28、我们都是孩子,不懂得怎样去爱,却懂得了怎样去伤害。 We are all children, do not know how to love, but know how to hurt. 29、好多时候,我们曾经在意的东西,如今却发现那是一文不值。 Many times, we used to care about things, but now we find that they are worthless. 30、秉着无所谓的态度,过着随遇而安的生活。 Holding a indifferent attitude, living a life of ease. 31、滴不尽相思血泪抛红豆,开不完春柳春花满画楼。 Drop endless Acacia blood and tears, throw red beans, endless spring willows, spring flowers all over the painting building. 32、让我们奋斗的直接理由,就是现在的一无所有。 The direct reason for us to struggle is that we have nothing now. 33、既然我如此不堪,那你当初又为何说要伴我。 Since I am so unbearable, then why did you say you wanted to accompany me. 34、我,温婉可亲,可以为妻。 I, gentle and amiable, can be a wife. 35、不以物喜,不以己悲,不求尽善尽美,但求无愧我心。 I don't like things, I don't feel sorry for myself, I don't want to be perfect, but I want to be worthy of my heart. 36、不是人生如此悲剧,而是你就是以悲视悲。 It's not that life is such a tragedy, but that you look at it with sorrow. 37、传说中的形同陌路,在我们身上体现的淋漓尽致。 The legendary stranger is vividly reflected in us. 38、自从谈了场恋爱,腰不痛了,头不痛了,心脏也不跳了。 Since the fall in love, the waist does not hurt, the head does not hurt, the heart does not beat. 39、把老师讲课的声音录下来,睡前听,你再也不会失眠了。 Record the teacher's voice and listen to it before going to bed. You won't lose sleep any more. 40、生活一定要五颜六色,但绝不能乱七八糟。 Life must be colorful, but it must not be messy. 41、—有些路,选择了就没得回头—人生就是这样,这样的无奈。 There are some roads, you can't go back if you choose. 42、患得患失这场病,我想知道什么时候才会好。 I want to know when I will get better. 43、我解过那么多数学题,可是我却解不开你的。 I've solved so many math problems, but I can't solve yours. 44、星星在哪里都很亮的,就看你有没有抬头去看它。 Where the stars are bright, it depends on whether you look up to see it. 45、我要让全世界人都知道我爱你,爱的那么刻骨铭心。 I want to let the whole world know that I love you so deeply. 46、你走之后,我原形毕露桃花盛开备胎无数。 After you left, I was in full bloom, with countless spare tires. 47、怪你敏感又心软,活不出自己,也爱不好别人。 Blame you sensitive and soft hearted, can't live their own, also love others. 48、只因在人群中多看了你一眼,你就叫我上黑板答题。 Just because I saw you one more time in the crowd, you asked me to answer the questions on the blackboard. 49、我现在只相信两个人,一个是我自己,另一个不是你。 Now I only believe in two people, one is myself, the other is not you. 50、了解我的人、才会真正明白我所说的话的意思。 Only those who know me can really understand what I mean. 51、游走在悲欢离合的边界,迷途失望在心的旅途。 Wandering in the boundary of joys and sorrows, lost in the heart of the journey of disappointment. 52、春风再美也比不上你的笑,没见过你的人不会明了。 No matter how beautiful the spring breeze is, it can't compare with your smile. People who haven't seen you won't understand it. 53、我向来三分钟热度,唯你在我心上反复。 I have always been hot for three minutes, only you repeat in my heart. 54、有些人坐飞机就能见到,有些人要坐时光机才能见到。 Some people can see it by plane, others can only see it by time machine. 55、看戏的人都散了,唱戏的人要去卸妆了。 The theatre goers are all gone, and the singers are going to take off their make-up. 56、我心疼你,疼到忽略自己。我相信你,信到怀疑自己。 I love you so much that I ignore myself. I believe in you. I doubt myself. 57、我能想象明天会有多么的生动而具体,因为有且仅有一个你。 I can imagine how vivid and concrete tomorrow will be, because there is only one you. 58、听说现在结婚证很便宜,走。我挺你。咱把婚结了吧! It's said that the marriage certificate is very cheap now. Let's go. I support you. Let's get married! 59、这个世界有两个莪,一个假装快乐,一个真心难过。 There are two Curcuma in this world, one pretends to be happy, the other is really sad. 60、往后你会发现,大概是遇不到了。 Later, you will find that you probably won't meet it.






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