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1、我会试着放下往事,忘了过去有多美。 I'll try to put the past behind me and forget how beautiful it was. 2、矫情的话要尽量憋在心里,天亮了你就会庆幸没说出口。 Try to hold the affectation in your heart. You will be glad you didn't say it at dawn. 3、若总被忽视,又何必作贱了自己;若不被珍惜,又何必苦苦去维系。 If you are always ignored, why do you despise yourself? If you are not treasured, why do you have to work hard to maintain. 4、我的关心不过是你看来卑微的讨好,凭什么无怨无悔为你把青春当掉? My concern is nothing but your humble flattery. Why should I take my youth for you without complaint or regret? 5、别去试人心,你不止会失望,甚至会绝望。 Don't try. You will not only be disappointed, but even despair. 6、曾经渴望与一个人长相厮守,后来,多么庆幸自己离开了。 Once eager to stay with a person forever, later, how glad to leave. 7、世间所有不尽人意之事,全靠硬扛。接受成长,也接受所有的不欢而散。 All the unsatisfied things in the world depend on hard shoulder. Accept growth, and accept all the disagreements. 8、你是我的可遇不可求,可遇不可留,可遇不可有。 If you are my friend, please do not ask. If you meet me, please do not stay. If you meet me, please do not have. 9、我的安慰是逗你笑,你却看成是我的无所谓。 My comfort is to make you laugh, but you think it doesn't matter. 10、也许我真的傻到无药可救,明知道你不爱我,我还不愿回头。 Maybe I'm so stupid that I can't be saved. Knowing you don't love me, I don't want to go back. 11、我一个人排练着我们久别重逢的场景,我一个人将这独角戏演的热泪盈眶。 I rehearsed the scene of our long-time reunion alone, and tears filled my eyes when I performed this single role. 12、一秋又一秋,一辈催一辈。 Autumn after autumn, one generation urges another. 13、我是你生命中的过客,而你是我这辈子永恒的定格。 I am a passer-by in your life, and you are the eternal freeze frame of my life. 14、等不到的晚安就别等,他不愿意给的东西就别死皮赖脸的去要。 If you can't wait for good night, don't wait. If you don't want something, don't ask for it. 15、除了电影里,没人会等你四五年,说白了,感情就是不联系就没有的东西了。 In addition to the movie, no one will wait for you for four or five years. To put it bluntly, emotion is nothing without connection. 16、如果最后不是你,我希望别开始。 If it's not you in the end, I hope not to start. 17、如果有人问起你会怎么形容我,你爱过的或只是朋友。 If someone asked you how would you describe me, you loved or just friends. 18、不要对爱你的人太过刻薄,一辈子真正对你好,的人也没有几个。 Don't be too mean to those who love you. There are few people who really treat you well in their whole lives. 19、有多少人,以友谊的身份爱着另一个人。又有多少人,以玩笑的方式说着真心话。 How many people love each other as friends. How many people, in the way of joking to say the truth. 20、我们之间的距离,是心照不宣的默契。 The distance between us is tacit understanding. 21、觉得自己很坚强,不会输给寂寞,但最后却输给了爱情。 Feel very strong, will not lose to loneliness, but finally lost to love. 22、曾经我有很多秘密想和你分享,而现在,你成了我心里最大的秘密。 Once I had a lot of secrets to share with you, but now, you have become the biggest secret in my heart. 23、被特别在乎的人忽略,会很难过,而更难过的是你还要装作你不在乎。 It's sad to be ignored by someone who cares, and even worse, to pretend you don't care. 24、誓言变成了谎言,我的心被你撕成了碎片。 Oath has become a lie, my heart has been torn to pieces by you. 25、夜深人静,唯有自己走在孤独的道路上,抽支烟点燃寂寞。 In the dead of night, I am the only one walking on the lonely road, smoking a cigarette to light loneliness. 26、正如年年岁岁花相似,岁岁年年人不同。只道是不悔梦归处,只恨太匆匆。 Just as the flowers are similar year by year, people are different year by year. Only way is not regret the dream, only hate too hasty. 27、我想让全世界知道我爱你,又怕你知道了不开心。 I want the whole world to know that I love you, and I'm afraid that you will not be happy when you know it. 28、世界上有两个我,一个假装快乐,一个真心难过。 There are two me in the world, one pretends to be happy and the other is really sad. 29、望着你和他的幸福,我含泪背离你们的微笑。 Looking at you and his happiness, I tear away from your smile. 30、我没有面具华丽的言语,希望重逢一个同样单纯美好的你。 I don't have gorgeous words. I hope to meet you again. 31、无论是否曾经努力去挽留,那些该走的注定留不住,不走的注定伴你一生。 No matter whether you have tried to keep it or not, those who should go are doomed to stay, and those who don't go are doomed to accompany you for life. 32、情多无语,水深无声。 Love is silent, water is silent. 33、如果你是幸福的,我又怎么可能回来打扰你的生活。 If you are happy, how can I come back to disturb your life. 34、哪怕只有万分之一的机会和你在一起,我也会拼了命的去努力。 Even if there is only one chance to be with you, I will try my best. 35、只要你能记住我,哪怕用恨的方式也好、而当我试着恨你,却想起你的笑容。 As long as you can remember me, even in the way of hate, and when I try to hate you, but think of your smile. 36、没有你的今天,我照样要过明天。 Without you today, I still have tomorrow. 37、我想在我们还没有结局的时候离开,因为结果悲剧的。 I want to leave before we have an ending, because the result is tragic. 38、两个人因为开心在一起叫喜欢,如果不开心还想在一起就是爱了。 Two people because of happy together is called like, if not happy still want to be together is love. 39、你一定很爱她,你一定很懂她,你一定很深情,可我不是她,也没有这份福气。 You must love her very much, you must know her very well, you must be very affectionate, but I am not her, and I do not have this blessing. 40、夜空,失去了繁美,留下淡淡的孤寂。 Night sky, lost numerous beauty, leave light loneliness. 41、是不是每一段感情破裂过后,都会觉得一些事情很现实。 Is not every relationship after the break, will feel that some things are very realistic. 42、不管昨夜经历了怎样的泣不成声,早晨醒来这个城市依然车水马龙。 No matter how weeping I experienced last night, the city is still full of traffic when I wake up in the morning. 43、爱一个人可以一见钟情,可是忘掉一个人不知道还要煎熬多少个日夜。 Love a person can fall in love at first sight, but forget how many days and nights a person does not know to suffer.






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